Final Report

D1.3 Final Report

D2.4_Report on mass and energy balances, environmental indicators and optimized fish:plant production ratio

D2.5_Report on LCA, economic analysis and cost-benefit analysis

dD3.3_Report on the possibilities of urban aquaponics in European countries and how different policies and regulations can affect the adoption of technology

D3.4_Marketing of local sustainable food products (fish and greens)

D3.5 and D3.6 Report on dynamic control I and II

D3.7 Report on economies of space

D3.8 Design for installation of second urban commersial aquaponics

D4.4 Fresh sustainable and high quality white fish

D4.5 and D4.6 Aquaponics Guidelines including Specific recommendation for choice of plants and fish for aquaponics systems and Operational procedures to minimize environmental impact and secure economic continuous operation

D5.1 European aquaponics business cluster collaboration formally established

D5.2 Report on solutions to market barriers

D5.3 Business plan for business replication based on aquaponics modules

D5.4  Exploitation and replication plan to enhance integrated eco-innovation towards conventional horticulture and aquaculture industries in the EU

D5.5 Strategy advice for governments and municipalities for local sustainable food production

D5.6 Presentation of products to distributors

D6.4 Layman’s report

Interim Report

Interim Report

D2.1 Breen Technical and difficulties met

D2.2 Breen Ecoponics Environmental Parameters

D2.3 Breen Ecoponics Report on design and risk analysis

D3.1 Report on tech advancement difficulties met

D3.2 IGFF report

D4.1 Svinna Report on technical advancement and difficulties met

D4.2 Svinna Start up of pilot production

D4.3 Fresh vegetables for local market

PR with D2.1, D3.1, D4.1 March 15th