Releated Projects


The Leonardo funded project EuroPonics (2013-2015) aims for implementing vocational Myndavel_2013_agust2 120training programmes in aquaponics and join leading entrepreneurs and researchers within aquaponics. This will form one of the foundation for this new exciting industry for increased sustainable food production in Europe.

Goal: The main objectives of EuroPonics are to:

  1. Build a knowledge network for future development of commercial aquaponics
  2. Start a formal collaboration between aquaponics entrepreneurs and researchers
  3. Establish a high class aquaponics vocational training programme in Europe

Partners: The partners include Bioforsk in Norway, IGFF in Denmark, Breen in Spain and The University in Iceland (project coordinator).



The EU Aquaponics Hub: Realising Sustainable Integrated Fish and Vegetable Production for the EU

COST | European Cooperation in Science and Technology

The EU Aquaponics Hub aims to the development of aquaponics in the EU, by leading the research agenda through the creation of a networking hub of expert research and industry scientists, engineers, economists, aquaculturists and horticulturalists, and contributing to the training of young aquaponic scientists. The EU Aquaponics Hub focuses on three primary systems in three settings:

  1. ‘cities and urban areas’ – urban agriculture aquaponics,
  2. ‘developing country systems’ – devising systems and technologies for food security for local people
  3. ‘industrial scale aquaponics’ – providing competitive systems delivering cost effective, healthy and sustainable local food in the EU.